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60 million out of 119.7 million people are living in poverty due to the rapid growth of the population in Mexico. Mexico’s population number is increasing day by day which leads to an undesirable condition. The occurrence of overpopulation happens when the world’s population mass exceeds the carrying capacity of an area. According to Sustaining our Future, therefore, it is predicted that with the current increase rate of the population in the world, there will eventually be more people existing than available resources (Cohen). Rapid population growth is bringing several problems to the Mexican society. The effects of overpopulation in Mexico are unemployment, low quality of public services and pollution. The first prime effect of overpopulation in Mexico is unemployment, which has a psychological effect on people. According to…show more content…
In southern Mexico many families struggle because they cannot afford to send their children to school. The education level in Mexico is low due to lack of schools and teachers. In some rural regions such as Sierra de Hidalgo, there are up to 30 students in a class and a teacher who teaches all the subjects. Lack of education limits the individual's future, leading them to a acutely low income. Moreover, among the rural parts of Mexico health care is extremely low. As indicated in Use of Health Services, the poor people use less health services than the rich people, even though the poor are the mostly needed. In general, the low income areas are substandard with inadequate supplies of medicine. Moreover, some hospitals lack the number of beds for patients. Therefore, there aren't enough beds for the patients and poor people cannot afford to pay for private hospitals. Overall, it affects the people in multiple ways. Low level of education limits their future jobs. Poor health care services threats the individuals lives condemning their future to a life full of

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