Essay On Overpopulation In South Africa

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• Overpopulation
• Lack of resources
• Lack of skills
• Lack of materials
• Lack of education
• Poor governance
• Corruption
• Favouritising a certain group of people
These are all the faces of the poverty in South Africa. Social issues such as over population, which is defined as having too many people with too little resources and too little space. This therefore creates a stress on the availability of the resources as there is not enough for the amount of people. In South Africa, women have an average of 5.5 kids, and the president, Jacob Zuma, has 21 children. There are 54 million people in South Africa, with 4.7 million unemployed which then leads to crime rates increasing as more people become desperate to survive.
Although getting an education is a law in South Africa many children do not get this privilege as they cannot afford to go to school (overpopulation) or live far from a school, and some do not get a good education. This therefore leads to the lack of education, which leaves more people without skills and knowledge.
The environmental issues are the lack of soil (land), bodies of water (water), forests and air (atmosphere). The over use of natural resources lead to shortages of food, clean water,
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The first thing that needs to be seriously put into action is creating stable working environments with no restrictions. There should be free training offered by the many new businesses that are helping many people who are stuck under the poverty line to climb their way over it. There is a huge lack of funding in South Africa for all these new businesses and free training, the best way to deal with this problem is to either take the funds only out of taxes and fundraising or print out new money with the intention of developing South Africa. Therefore leads to the question about salaries, people should be paid the amount their skills are linked to; you cannot have a doctor getting paid the same as a

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