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What is the Purpose and Complexity of PTE Academic Listening Module?
PTE, commonly known as Pearson Test of English, tests the real time language skills of the test takers aiming to study and settle abroad. There are four major sections of the PTE test, which are- reading, writing, listening and speaking. The listening section of the PTE test lasts for 45 to 57 minutes. The purpose of the listening test is to test the listening skills of the test takers that how effectively one is able to listen and draw conclusions from what he heard. One of the sections of PTE listening is- Highlight Correct Summary. The purpose of Highlight Correct Summary task is to assess the ability of the test takers to correctly identify a written summary of a
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This will help you complete the task on time.
Highlight Correct Summary Example

The question: “Why do students achieve so much with one teacher and so little under the guidance of another teacher?” is often asked. A common non-verbal cue they both tend to give is rolling their eyes. “Oh, that class,” the teacher recoils. “Oh him!” the student groans.
Research indicates that students do better with one teacher than another as a result of good classroom management. A key feature of this is respect. Students quickly ascertain if a teacher lacks real respect.
Why do students achieve so much more when they have teachers who show minimal respect for them and their classmates? There is no clear answer for this. However, at the moment there is little empirical data to draw meaningful conclusions. Often we fall back on anecdotal evidence.
Non-verbal cues are key to developing respectful relationships in school environments. Rolling your eyes is a key indicator of a lack of respect, as are negative verbal responses. In order to promote effective learning both teachers and students need to show mutual admiration and respect.
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