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Secondary Research: In secondary research, we will study about the packaged drinking water industry in India, who are the major players what are the basic and common reasons for which people drink packaged drinking water what are the alternatives. Water all over, not a CLEAN drop to drink! Who might have suspected that there will be a day when sanitation of accessible water would be a worry than accessibility of water itself? Cleanliness is of extraordinary worry to everybody today, and this is clear with the surging ascent in the utilization of bundled/filtered water. India has 16 percent of the total populace, 2.5 percent of the land mass and 4 percent of the world's water assets. These restricted water assets are exhausting quickly while…show more content…
In under a long time since its dispatch, Aquafina has cornered 11 percent of the market and Kinley has right around 33% of the market. News reports show that different MNCs like Unilever are likewise peering toward the market. Packaged drinking water industry in India is growing very rapidly as compared to beverage industry it has grown very fast with Bisleri being the top most brand in packaged drinking water. One of the major reason for this growth is water borne diseases because of which people nowadays are trusting packaged drinking water instead of tap water. And tap water being contaminated in India people don’t prefer to drink directly through tap they use filtration system and then they consume it. This is one of the reasons tourist travelling around India always prefer to drink packaged drinking water. Bisleri is the leading brand in India because it was one of the first company to bring this concept to India because of which it has a very good brand image and is also trusted by many

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