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Helping you to choose the best tool
Ever wondered looking at a bunch of hairbrushes set on a store that why are they in so many shapes and sizes when the only job it has to do is detangling your hair? If yes, you are not alone because there are many others who too find it tricky to decode the specific uses of all types of brushes. But yes, there exists various reasons for them to come in different structures.
Beautician Lata Poudel from Shringar Kendra in Hattiban, states using the right tool for your hair is essential to maintain the health of both your hair and scalp. So to prevent you from randomly picking up a brush for your hair, The Week with inputs of Poudel has prepared a list of different kinds of combs and brushes with their correct uses. Read below to set your confusions aside.
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If you are brushing your hair just to detangle it than use your brush vertically, starting from the end towards the top. But for blow drying, use it horizontally, starting from roots to end. This choice of methods will give you a smooth finish and probably a straight looking hair at the end.
Round Brush
Do not mistake round brushes for other regular brushes used to detangle your hair. The only purpose of this brush is to help to style your hair. With round brushes and a dryer, one can gain a blowout with major volume and a few curls just in few minutes. These brushes come in various sizes from very small tighter curls to the big for luscious waves. So consider your hair length and type of style you are trying to achieve before deciding which size of round brush to go with.
Vented Brush
Any type of brushes designed with open holes through their back is known as a vented brush. This particular structure allows heat to pass directly from all angles to reach strands further speeding up your hair drying time. With a vented brush, you will have less chance of having heat damage as your hair will be spending less time with hot

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