Essay On Paget Disease

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DEFINITION Paget disease is defined as a disease that involves destruction of abnormal bone. This disease occur when overactivity of osteoclastic and also followed by compensatory of osteoblastic activity that lead to a struture of the bone ( woven bone ). Usually affected skull, pelvis, femur, tibia, and lumbar spine
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DISEASE CLASSIFICATION Paget disease is classified as inflammatory disease and congenital disease. Inflammatory disease is
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The pelvis and spines are usually affected in Paget disease but other areas that can be affected are skull, shoulder, thigh bone, and long bone ( arms and legs ). Bone pain is a common sign of Paget disease. There has a few features of bone pain,which is feel dull pain deep within the affected some part of the body. Usually the pain happen worse at the night when lying down and that area maybe feel warm. In progress of the Paget disease,maybe the affected bones will occur deformities, for example twisted, misshapen of limb, and scoliosis. Sometimes that affected bones can be fracture,usually at the longer bones in your arms and legs.
There is a few symptoms of fractured bone:
• Pain and swelling
• Bruising and changes colour in a skin around.
• The limb and body part can be bent at an unsual angle.
Another symptom can be appear if Paget disease develop inside the bone of skull, such as:
• Losing of hearing or deaf ( it can be partial or total
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