Essay On Pain Assessment

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Effective communication is essential in the accurate assessment of pain. Health professionals should take the time to speak and to the patients, listen to them as individuals to answer and duly take into account the limitations in communication. That people may have, for example, numbness or other language barriers. While patients report pain or do not wait until it has reached a serious level because they believe that the employee is "too busy"(Gray, 2005 Mackintosh 2005) The evaluation of effective pain must identify if the patient has other conditions that can be responsible for causing pain, for example, some patient conditions may have such arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, chronic or acute pain, which leads to more caused by surgical…show more content…
Effective pain assessment should determine whether the patient has other conditions that can be responsible for causing pain, for example, some patients may have diseases such as arthritis or rheumatoid joint underlying substitute, leading to chronic or acute pain, and caused by surgical procedures (Schechter,…show more content…
The three dimensions of pain assessment instruments are also subject to misinterpretation. Healthy patients have difficulty on a line or a numerical value to meet their pain as a point of conceptualization the intensity of the pain. Difficulties in interpretation are rare when verbal rating scale is used. In addition, the use of certain words cannot be understood by patients or little interest in the individual descriptions of pain (D'Arcy, 2011). There is unlikely to support the coherence between the reported pain levels, for example, a patient may report pain as a numerical rating scale (NRS) and request analgesia. When reviewing the effectiveness of the analgesic, the patient may report that their pain improvement, but the level of pain can remain in seven NRS (Mackintosh
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