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Language is an integral part of one’s identity; it’s a medium that conveys information, thoughts and emotions. It acts as a barrier for those people whose mother tongue is different from their official language and struggle to communicate in a different language (Botnen, Hans 2012). The fact of the matter is, is English considered the official language of Pakistan. People of Pakistan are rich in their culture and every language is an integral part of the culture. While Pakistanis should know how to speak English to converse, they shouldn’t depend on it entirely because if they feel embarrassed of their language, they will lose their cultural integrity and identity as well. In doing so, they will lose touch with their country as well (Khalique, Harris).
The country is also home to several regional languages, including Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi and Kashmiri etc. It is a fact that it’s easier to conceive and comprehend things in the language you are taught by your elders rather than in any other language.
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There has been a marriage of languages, those imported from the West, and those that are homegrown. English has been domesticated, remade, and are still “carving out large territories for (ourselves) within its frontiers.” (2540) Rushdie
In Pakistan, Urdu is our national language but the members of national assembly, proudly take their oath in poor English, whereas some take in Pashto, Punjabi or Sindhi. Most of the speeches given by the President or Prime Minister are in English. Although our official languages are Urdu and English, the government speeches are delivered in different languages, which also include our regional languages. There are already several schools in our country that are English medium and in order to create equality across our
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