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Comparing and contrasting the similarities between the Greek mythology of Pandora and the Biblical writings for Eve, is an enlightening topic. In Greek, the name Pandora means, “all gifts.” Hesiod had written, many literary works that included Pandora and her creation by Zeus. “Theogony” was one title work of Hesiod’s and the other was, “Works and Days.” Hesiod brings to light, in his writings that Pandora was created for the purpose to deceive man. Eve, of the Bible was given as a gift to Adam, by God. Pandora was mans gift by the god of Zeus. Although these women were presented as gifts, Pandora and Eve had both some similarities and differences.
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He enticed her that if she would eat from it she would have all knowledge just like God. She did eat the apple then it was so good, she ended up telling Adam about it and she asked him to try it, and he did. He ate a bite of the apple too. Once they both ate the apple their eyes were open and sin was brought into the world. Even is responsible for bringing sin into the world,, people say. Pandora and her jar are responsible for bringing evil into the world and both are women. Both Eve and Pandora have many similarities after reading more about them.
Hesidods Pandora and eve of the bible similarities is that both were the first women, created with a purpose. Their differences of why they were created was very different they were both, as we can see gifts to man. WE can also see similiarites that both are held accountable for the downfall of man. Both women unleashed sin into the world. Through pandoras jar she would release havoc and through eve eating the apple then offering to Adam, unleased the sin neither of these terrible things existed before Eve and Pandora did anything to entice the men and they succumb to

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