Essay On Panic Attack

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It is quite easy to mistake an anxiety attack for a panic attack and vice versa. However, for effective treatment and management, it is necessary to learn to distinguish between the two. Here's how you can find out whether you are suffering from an anxiety or panic attack.

Duration of time

One of the major factors that distinguishes anxiety from a panic attack is the duration of its existence. An anxiety attack may last for days, weeks or even months, whereas a panic attack lasts only for around 30 minutes. The symptoms of panic attack develop faster than those of anxiety. A panic attack is repetitive in nature and surfaces for a duration of 20-30 minutes continuously. On the other hand, an anxiety attack is an ongoing phenomenon which goes
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They behave normally except during the few minutes of the panic attack. They are extrovert in nature. It has been observed that the therapy rooms for patients of panic attacks are lively, vibrant, and full of noise. On the contrary, sufferers of anxiety attack are rather anti-social and do not enjoy interacting with people. They are mostly introvert in nature. Though they want to share their worries and problems with others, the fear of being noticed holds them back. The therapy rooms for patients of anxiety attack are found silent and dormant. The fear of anticipatory embarrassment and increased level of anxiety holds them back from interacting with…show more content…
What differentiates the two disorders is the severity of these symptoms. Unlike a panic attack, the symptoms of anxiety are less intense. The level of intensity of the symptoms can vary from person to person. In case of anxiety, the symptoms are not attributed to a single situation but to a cluster of causes. The symptoms of anxiety are long lasting, whereas in case of a panic attack the symptoms last only for a few minutes’ duration. The major symptoms include sweating, dizziness, chill, nausea, shaking of the body, fear of passing out, palpitating heart, muscle tension, insomnia, irritation,
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