Theoretical Jaws Case Study

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the jaws is gained only in the anterior of the midline, the use of this technique for the calculation of horizontal dimension of alveolar process is applicable to this area only. [49,52] 2.4.5 Panoramic Radiography: The resolution of and the shape of the panoramic radiographs is less than that of an intraoral film but it provides a broader visualization of the two jaws and the anatomical structures nearby. The panoramic imaging technique is distinct because of the magnification in vertical plane is highly reliable as mentioned by Maria and similarly agreed by Lingeshwar mentions that although the vertical details are exemplary but the linear measurements are not and in addition vertical measurement can become unreliable because of foreshortening or elongation of the anatomical structures and landmarks as the X-ray beam is not perpendicular to the anatomical landmarks. [49,51] 2.4.6 Conventional Tomography: It is a technique used to obtain much clearer images of the structures and anatomical landmarks lying in the interested plane. The thickness, orientation and anatomical landmarks of radiographic images can be predetermined and manipulated as per the clinician desires. Care must be taken as closer and perpendicular an anatomic long axis of structure is located to the relative to the…show more content…
[51] 2.4.13 Multi slice Helical Computed Tomography: When compared to the traditional computed tomography the Multi slice Helical Computed Tomography offers radiographic images of higher accuracy and resolutions. As Bennette and Maria note that this modality came with its advantages as greater detailing but had the limitations as delivery clear, which parented another modality as Dent scan Imagery which overcame the limitation which were with the Multi slice Helical Computed Tomography.[51,53] 2.4.14 Image Guided Radiography
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