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Pan’s Labyrinth directed by Guillermo de Torro had multiple film elements like very good cinematography, editing, sound and mise en scene. The film had a very dark and gloomy setting. There wasn’t much color due to what was going on around the actors. The theme of the movie would be good vs. evil vs. innocence. Usually a film is good vs. evil, but the movie did really well by changing the theme up a bit and making an innocence character. There was always something bad or scary going on, and the dismal events never seemed to end. During the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”, the cinematography was outstanding. At one point in the film, the camera started moving down while the main character was talking to the baby inside of their mom. The camera kept moving down to a fade into the mom’s stomach where we can actually see the baby in the womb calming down after hearing their siblings voice. This moment of the movie was very intimate with the main character and their new sibling, showing a short of bond growing between them. Another part was when the “fairy” was behind a tree watching the main character drive away and the car was unfocused but the “fairy” and the tree…show more content…
The women characters were dressed very old fashioned, in long dresses that weren't revealing and that almost completely covered them. The men were in army uniforms and always had a gun with them as to always be prepared if someone attacked their camp. Women were the maids and the cooks of the camp, while the men were a part of the army and fought with the captain to protect everyone that lived in the camp. In conclusion “Pan’s Labyrinth” was a very well-made film. The story line was very good, it never got boring, and it always kept you on the edge of your seat. Also, it had a lot of film elements that made it a very appealing to the audience. The movie won an Academy Award for best cinematography, which the movie deserved for the creative shots throughout the

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