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Perhaps there has never been a more broad and persistent influence in the world of philosophy and religion as Pantheism. “Pantheism is the philosophy of the religious consciousness of India, affirming that there is no God apart from nature, and that everything in nature must be considered as a part, or manifestation of God. Pan means all and Theos means God. Pantheism then, implies all is God and God is all.” Though Pantheism has had some negative effects on the religious world, there are some positive insights that one can gain when looking at this man-made philosophy. First of all, Pantheism attempts to be comprehensive in its perspective. In other words, Pantheism embraces a broad range of ideas both metaphysical and comprehensive. It is…show more content…
A God that is far removed from a world He created would be a God who would be impossible to relate to on a personal level and a God who would be impossible to worship. Fourthly, Pantheism acknowledges that only God is absolute and necessary. That is, nothing in the created world stands alone apart from God; everything that is seen is completely dependent on the Creator. Another positive insight is that Pantheists only refer to God in a positive way. Any term or jargon that would cast a negative light onto God must not be used. Negative language about God results in idolatry and a minimizing of God and His attributes. Along with the positive insights of Pantheism, there are also some negative criticisms that one must consider. First the Pantheists believe that man does not truly exist as a separate being from God. The Pantheists believe that God exists but man does not truly exist. The question must be asked “If man does not exist, then how can he affirm or attest the fact that he does not exist?” Secondly, the Pantheists believe that if man does not truly exist separate from God, then it would be impossible for this non-existent person to have a personal relationship with

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