Essay On Paramedics

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“A job is more than just a paycheck. A good job fosters independence and discipline , and contributes to the community” ( james H. douglas Jr.). You can’t turn on a tv or go on any form of social media without seeing a protest or movement for raising the wage of Mcdonald 's workers. The career of an EMS can be harsh cray and back breaking, so why are they paid so little if they save lives and do it at a huge risk? Well that 's a tough question to answer because there are many reasons. If we are to address the issues i think we should start with the recommendations and training to become an ems provider. In different states and countries there are different requirements but seeing as how I’m from san diego i 'll do the requirements for…show more content…
To complete the basic coursework you 'll need to pass the state written and practical exam.The EMT-intermediate training requires the basic training and the addition of 30 to 350 training hours. You 'll also learn to administer intravenous fluids, some medications and manage more advanced equipment.Paramedic is the highest level of training. Paramedics are trained, usually at community colleges, in anatomy and physiology. In some cases, paramedics are awarded associates degrees for their training and finish the program prepared to take their NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) to become a licensed paramedic.The average salary for all emergency medical technicians is about $14 per hour. Emergency medical technicians with more experience or in areas with high demand can earn up to $24 per hour.people can go their entire career without making a life-or-death decision at work. Most emergency medical technicians (EMT) can 't go a single day without making one.EMTs are first responders in the event of medical emergencies. They respond to any medical emergency, but the most common are car accidents, childbirth, violent traumas, heart attacks and
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