Essay On Paranoid Personality Disorder

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Personality disorders include enduring patterns of inner experiences and behaviors which deviates from the norm in an individual’s culture. This pattern may be discerned in two or more areas, such as cognition, interpersonal functioning, affect, or impulse control. The pattern itself is enduring, inflexible and pervasive, and takes places across a broad range of social or personal situations. Eventually it leads to significant distress or impairment in academic, social, professional or personal areas of functioning. Psychotic Disorders are conditions that will truncate an individual’s ability to function properly or discern reality. Individuals with this condition may become disoriented or act in bizarre ways. Some common symptoms for…show more content…
This is a disorder which refers to a tendency to interpret the actions of other individuals as deliberately demeaning or threatening. This disorder, with onset in early adulthood, is manifested by a general sense of distrust and unjustified suspicion of others, which in turn leads to the misinterpretation of their intentions as malicious or harmful. Individuals such as Lauren, who present a paranoid personality disorder, are not usually able to recognize their own negative feelings toward the rest of society. They will not believe that others are trustworthy, cannot develop trust in others, and will misinterpret harmless actions or comments, which may harbor unfounded resentment toward other people. An individual with paranoid personality disorder will have a long standing pattern of pervasive mistrust and suspicion of other people. The patient with a paranoid disorder will not reach out for treatment, as individuals with personality disorders generally do not seek out treatment until there is a significant interference or impact in the person’s life. Some of the causes of this disorder include biological or genetic factors, as well as social and psychological factors. Studies show that like most psychological disorders, the causes of this condition reveal the influence of various psychological and environmental factors. Treatment for both paranoid and delusional disorders includes long
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