Single Parent Child Relationships Essay

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Besides what the women and the couple goes through during the dissolution of marriage, most studied all so report a major impact on children and parent child relationships. These relationships are predictive of immediate as well as long term psychological as well as behavioral adjustment of children (Amato, 1993).
Study by Cooney found that children’s feelings about a specific parent were strongly correlated with the contact the child had with that parent, this suggest that family relationships might become more of a voluntary choice after divorce. Therefore, the time as and the quality of the relationship as well as the frequency of the contact the child had with a given parent is by choice, there for the relationship that the child had with the parent is also by choice.
A meta-analysis that studied 92 studies, compared children who were living with a single parent who was against
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Considering all factors that are related to divorce there may be a direct impact on the lives of the children involved, this is especially true for adolescents, who are already going to a member of critical development changes which are already trying for the individual. Thus the child will face even greater stresses because of that. The study also found that the husbands as well as wives go through very high emotional stress. In the previous study mentioned the husband’s social relationships are marginally affected, however the wife social lives change drastically. In most cases the wife moves out of her husband’s house even if she decides to stay in the same area, she will not enjoy the same closeness, confidence and trust as her previous husband would. The opportunity to make new friends with male college and other married couple also reduce, this is because other women will now consider her to be interested in there
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