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EFFECTS OF PARENTS AND TEACHERS INTRACTION ON DELOPMENT OF EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDENTS IN MIANWALI 1.1 Introduction: The importance of good parent-teacher relationships has been well documented. Research has shown that parent involvement in education benefits not only the child but also the parents and teachers (Eldridge, 2001). The function of a good parent-teacher relationship is much more than just like a vehicle for status reports from teacher to parents on a child’s performance. It is true a partnership providing two way information flow from the teacher to the parents about the child’s classroom achievements and persona and from the parent to the teacher about the complementary elements in the home environment. It provides the mechanism …show more content…

It refers to any adult in a child 's life who has accepted the responsibility of parent/caretaker. Educator: This term "is used to emphasize that collaboration involves the entire school community, not just teachers" (National Association of School Psychologists, 2002, pg. 4). 1.2 Parent teacher …show more content…

Today’s in complex global scenario societal and school environment in which we are living where teachers are faces challenging classroom management troubles, it has become necessarily required to establish partnerships between parents and teachers as a strategy to support students’ learning and development. In the late 1800s, it was a common practice for a community to hire a teacher who lived in the community. Such a practice encouraged close and frequent contact and shared norms between home and school. Contrast this with the situation facing most school communities in the mid-20th century, when a physical and social distance between the school staff and community became the norm. Stimulated, in part, by the movement to professionalize the teaching profession, teachers increasingly chose to live outside of the school community in which they worked. In some cases, a greater cultural diversity existed within the school community than within the school

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