Essay On Parental Involvement In Child Development

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Nowadays, Hong Kong is a civilized place. People pursue high- level education, knowledge and skills. That makes education becomes popularize and important in Hong Kong society. And that increase more works and the things need to handle of educational institutions, for examples, the educational institutions need to provide good quality of education, achieve more expectations of parents and the society, and balance children’s developments at the same time. But It is difficult to achieve all things just rely on school. And the educators think that they can do more, better, and smooth in education while home school collaborate. Therefore, there needs parental involvement. And all educators value the parental involvement.
Parental involvement refers to the participation of parents in their children’s education and school. It is the commitment of time, energy, and goods will to promote success for children. And there are many schools have different ways to promote and increase parental involvement, such as home activities, parent- child games or competitions, and different kinds of voluntary works. However, according to Desforges & Abouchaar (2003), it can formally divide into five different forms of parental involvement. The first form is good parenting at
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Because according to his theory, microsystem has the most direct and effective influence and reactions of children. And parents are one of the contexts in the microsystem. Parents have the closest relationship with children and their involvement will has the large and long term influence on child development.
To sum up, parental involvement is important in education aspect. It can advance child development and learning. Also, it can share the works of teachers. Parents and school handle the various education works on different aspects together, they mutually cooperate. It makes the teaching and learning more
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