Mindset: Sooner Or A Leader?

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The question at a young age, you commonly hear is, “Who do you look up to?” Most kids reply their mother or father or someone that they are dependent on because it’s the person they see the most and the person who does the most for them. This question leads to a statement given to me, “ Sooner or later, children take on their parents personalities.” I disagree with this statement because it’s merely based on the child’s mindset, age, parents, and morals. The real question to back up this statement is, “Are you a follower or a leader?.’ or “Do you want to be better or the same?” Mindset performs a critical factor in this statement because depending on the child’s ethos will determine if they want to exercise their parents personalities.…show more content…
But, that encourages my next point about parents. Since it is your parent’s personality, they should see you going in the defective path. If you are slacking in school or at home; they should correct you and tell you not to be like them and to excel and adjust your performance. Not only should they just talk to you, they should fix their personalities also. For example, maybe they are always late to work or they curse too much, though these are negligible traits, they demonstrate an misguides on the child ,who will start to think this behavior is acceptable and start to pick up on it. Another example is when parents disregard certain things that they do. This is a major issue that I spectate in school, kids have horrible grades or they are disrespecting teachers and say “Call my mom, she already knows, she don't care.” It shows that they parents are letting them behave this way with no concern, when it should be an issue because they should be attentive about their children's grades and future. Therefore, if the parent disregard the negligible activity, then how can the child if they believe they won't suffer any consequences for their actions. Parents should influence their child to be exceptional and it displays a lot about their morals when they display carelessness about their children's…show more content…
Morals are significant because without morals a person will not just pick up cultivated behavior from parents, they will pick up behaviors incorporated from themselves. An exemplification of this would be two people, where one person is less fortunate, parents have low-paying jobs ,and is struggling to take care of themselves. On the other hand, one person has everything, parents have money , and they want for nothing in the world. The working family child is a straight A student, plays sports, and has dreams to be a doctor. Whereas, the rich child plans to mooch off their parents, don’t go to college, and don’t get good grades in school. This goes back to the statement, “Children take on their parent personalities.” Depending on how the person's principles are set up will determine if they imitate those traits. The person who parents were actually successful thinks it's okay to just slack off because their parents have money; meaning his morals are unsubstantial and he don’t want to take on his parent’s legacy. But, the person who parents didn’t do well in life is trying to excel and be finer than his/her parents because he/she morals are
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