Essay On Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is a disease in the brain that causes to kill nerve cells. These neurons are in a specific place on the brain called substantia nigari. Dopamine is a chemical produced by these neurons that allow movement. What Parkinson’s disease does to the body is lack of movement. This disease stops you from doing some things an individual does every day. For example, walking, talking, eating and etc. Parkinson’s disease limits you from doing these kind of things. Sometimes it does not allow you to do anything on your own. It all depends on how bad the disease is on the person. There is still no cure for this disease. Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. An individual has to live off medications…show more content…
Stage one consist of mild symptoms that are not too serious or dangerous. It just involves shaking in the hands or other parts of the body. Stage two affects the whole body. This causes the individual to walk or stand on their own. Stage three consist of having someone with them just in case of an accident. Stage four is where symptoms are getting serious and dangerous. In this stage people are not able to do anything on their own anymore. Stage five, the individual is practically under nursing care. They are not able to do anything on their own without any assistance. Clinical Trials for Parkinson’s Disease. Since there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, individuals have options such as surgery. Surgery does not really help stop Parkinson’s but it controls the symptoms a person may have a lot more. These individuals have to live off medications but they can also go under clinical trials. A clinical trial is a research study where they test different medications on people with the disease or even volunteers. Interventional and observational are two types of clinical trials. Interventional consist of trying any new medications. From there, experts figure out the effect it has on a person and if it works or not. Observational consist of answering questions about families’ histories. In this clinical trial, individuals do not test out any medications or what so
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