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Today, many college students have part-time jobs even if they do not face financial difficulties that they have to make their livings or pay for their college tuitions by themselves. However, some people doubt the necessity of having part-time jobs for college students and argue that the only benefit they get from jobs is money. Although it is not necessarily that students do part-time jobs related to their future careers, part-time jobs help students to think about their capabilities, namely self-analysis. Part-time jobs make them aware of their shortcomings, discover and re-realize their desires, and consider how they allocate the money they earn.
Part-time jobs make college students aware of their shortcomings. Some people state that college students learn nothing but how to earn money from part-time jobs. However,
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Some people say that the experience in a part-time job is meaningless because most students do not consider their part-time jobs as their future careers. Nevertheless, even if the part-time jobs are not what students are interested in as their future jobs, they can find out or re-realize what they like to do and what they are good at which would help them decide their future jobs. During working part-time, college students face different situations which they have never experienced before. As they go through those situations, they develop new career interests. Furthermore, if students who have a part-time job related to their future career interests, they can re-realize if it is what they want to do in the future. In my case, being a teacher at a cram school and a distributer of food samples at a super market, I re-realized that I like a job which I could interact with people face to face. Although not everyone chooses a part-time job related to their future career, having experiences in the work environment would help them decide what they want to do in the
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