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Should Partial Birth Abortion Be legal In The United States ? No it shouldn’t be legal , your killing a baby , i know i few people that have had a abortions and i look at them way different now. Should it be banned from the united states .The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act bans a particularly brutal and inhumane abortion method in which the child is removed from the womb feet-first and delivered except for the head.Analysis:In 2002, a rewritten bill was introduced in the House, the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2002 .Responding to the Carhart ruling, the measure contained a more precise definition of partial-birth abortion and incorporated. Congress’s factual findings that partial-birth abortion is never necessary to preserve the health of a woman. The…show more content…
Because of the many risks, abortion should be limited to help save the unborn lives and help not ruin a woman’s life forever. Abortion should not exactly be made illegal, but it should be allowed under certain circumstances such as rape. Presidential nominee Mitt Romney told CBS News that he is “in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother.” (Romney) Rape is one of the limits that abortion should tighten up on and let be legal. Another reason why abortion should be limited is because it makes health risks for the mother. “A mother’s health is an important part of their life and they can getting an abortion risks their mental and physical health.”(Mott) Risking health to get an abortion is not worth it and should not be allowed unless under certain circumstances. There are many other reasons why abortion should be limited but one of the last reasons is the health risk of the baby. “An abortion risks the health of the second baby, and risks that the second baby will have some sort of disease.” (National Catholic Reporter) The process of making abortion limited will help save the lives of the mothers and the babies that are apart of the

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