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Should You Get Dental Bridges or Partial Dentures?

Missing teeth do not only change the way you look and how you feel about yourself; they also cause difficulty in chewing and speaking. Missing teeth can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift and, as a consequence, fall out. This is why it is important to have a dental device to replace these missing teeth, the most common of which are dental bridge and the partial denture.

Dental bridges and partial dentures are fundamentally similar because they both replace missing teeth. The major difference between these two is their permanence. Dental bridges are permanently anchored inside the mouth, while partial dentures are removable.

Are you a candidate for a partial denture or a dental bridge?
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To affix them permanently, the dentist anchors them to surrounding natural teeth or implants near the gap. It goes without saying that the surrounding teeth must be strong enough to support the dentures.

If you have dental bridges, then you would always need dental assistance. Just because your fixed dentures are permanent does not mean that they will not crack or break. In the event that they do get damaged, you must never attempt to repair them yourself, as you might do further damage. Another disadvantage of dental bridges is that they cannot be easily removed when they start giving you pain and discomfort. Pain is usually caused by food caught between the bridge and natural teeth, tooth decay under the crown, gum disease and other related problems.

If you are meticulous about caring for your dentures, then you need not worry about decay and pain. You must follow the dentist's tips regarding flossing and cleaning your bridges to make sy=ure thayt food particles do not get In order to avoid decay and pain, you are required to put in extra effort to make sure that your dental bridges remain clean and strong. Your dentist will give you tips on how to floss and clean your dental bridges in order to prevent decay as well as food particles from getting stuck and impacted between your bridges, gum tissues and natural
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