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Participation Trophies: The Damage That Is Nearly Impossible to Cure Among Today’s Youth The common ending to a game or event for children, sometimes even adults, is the distribution of a trophy or ribbon to all those who participated. Participation trophies affect an adolescent’s motivation. If a trophy is awarded to those that win and those that lose, then there is no real difference between the winners and losers. The thought going through most children 's minds is, "why try if I know I am going to get a trophy anyway." A trophy is always secured in their mind. Trophies today have a whole new meaning. They do not symbolize a victory or achievement; they are merely reminders of childhood. Betty Berdan, a junior in high school says, "When awards are handed out like candy to every child who participates, they diminish in value. If every soccer player receives a trophy for just merely showing up to practice and playing in games, the truly exceptional players are slighted." Trophies are no longer something to be proud of; they have been relegated to a piece of plastic that is collecting dust on a shelf in a bedroom.
The Problem Participation trophies do not serve as a reward for the right actions. Jesse Sanborn of the NY Times states, “If no one ever failed, there would be no motivation to
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Participation trophies diminish the meaning of winning and produce a lack of motivation among our youth today. Though rewarding all players with a trophy is counteractive, positive reinforcement is not. Positive reinforcement is key in the process of encouraging adolescents to continue to pursue the sport they are playing. The winners should receive a trophy to endorse their hard work and accomplishment; those who lost, but kept playing, should receive a non-materialistic item such as a pizza party or ice cream to acknowledge their determination when playing the game. Without loss, there is no motive to
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