Reflective Essay: Making A Murderer

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If you have a passion or love to do something it would be very hard to quit doing it. I started hating books in my teen years due to no longer having a passion for reading. However, I think it’s safe to say that everybody has some kind of passion or something that they love to do or maybe even something they want to learn how to do. With just one of those motives, reading a article or a book can be fun again, at least that’s how it worked out for me. By gaining a motive, having a passion, and figuring out what caused me to stop loving to read, made my love for reading become stronger than ever before. Reading hasn’t always been a feeling of force put upon me. I once remember loving to read. When I was in elementary school I loved reading the Junie…show more content…
Don’t they deserve the things that happens to them while in jail? Which leads me to my next topic, what about the many innocent people who have been wrongly committed of a crime, who are serving time in jail? When I heard about Hamline University having an event where the attorney Dean Strang, who was featured in the documentary Making a Murderer, would be speaking I knew I had to go. He was the attorney for a wrongly convicted man named Steven Avery. His speech talked about many different faults in the criminal justice system and he also mentioned police brutality. I had been researching and keeping up with police brutality cases as well as unjust police killings, however hearing a lawyer speak on these issues in person was a first for me. He mentioned things i’ve never read about, and as soon as I got home I instantly reviewed my notes I had taken at the speech and started researching. I previously had started reading books already about prison corruption and flaws in the criminal justice system, so I knew i’d love reading books related to the topics he mentioned as well. Thus, leading to my journey of actually enjoying reading books again on my free
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