Essay On Passive Aggressive Mother

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How to Deal with a Passive Aggressive Mother If you have a passive-aggressive mother, you may feel emotionally neglected and insecure. It's not your fault—you just never really know what to expect from her! Although passive-aggression is much harder to detect than full-on aggression, you can learn to identify it and change the way you react. Also, dealing with a passive-aggressive mom can be stressful, so get support from friends or a counselor to cope. ==Steps== ===Responding Effectively=== #Spot the behavior when it's happening. Knowing the different “faces” of passive-aggression can help you figure out your mom’s behavior and respond accordingly. Most experts agree on a few common ways passive-aggression rears its head: (-- removed HTML --)…show more content…
a compliment that isn't actually sincere or that precedes a snide comment) #*Behaving in a sulky manner; refusing to smile even in a cheerful environment #Remain calm. When dealing with a passive, use logic. Never react emotionally. If you show that you are upset or frustrated, your mom might withdraw even further or even add to the existing tension. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) #*If you must take a few minutes away from her to clear your head. Call a friend, walk around the block, or play with your pet. Return in a calm headspace, so you can figure out the best way to move forward. #Ignore the behavior if it's not bothering you. If your mom fails to get attention for her passive aggressiveness, she may stop. Try acting indifferent about it and see if it changes. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML
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