Argumentative Essay On Past Life Theory

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Past life theory - Ryan

The text, He Came from Hollywood, surely has loads of arguments indicating proof for past life or reincarnation. Ryan, a five-year-old boy, have since he had the ability to express himself verbally, pleaded his mother to return him to his home in Hollywood and revisit his family. He also reacted to photo from Hollywood, where he claimed to have known the persons, and even identifying one of them as himself. In addition, Ryan described a scene in the movie Night After Night, that the mother later could verify. Ryan had also cried one night, saying he was homesick, and that he used to life somewhere with the words Rock or Mount. He also claimed to have lived in a fine house with a large swimming pool. All of this was
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This also explains why it is only children who claims to have past life memories, since they in my mind might blend some of these observations into one past life memory.

Let’s assume that reincarnation actually exists, and that our soul is being transferred directly into a different corps sometime after our demise. This still doesn’t explain the rising population. Since if reincarnation actually is real, then there should be a relatively equal population in terms of quantity.

So based on the research I have done, my own experiences and nonetheless this text, I don’t see any actual proof for reincarnation. I sincerely agree that the arguments based upon the experiences of the clients are very convincing. However, there could be so many different reasons and answers for these cases.
We need to be critical, and even though Mr. Jim Tucker verifies these cases as being trustworthy, there are still many things that has to be eliminated in order to be secure.

Until it has been proved that we have a soul and that it actually possible to transfer memories from a deceased to a new-born I do not believe in
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