Essay On Patau Syndrome

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New born babies with patau syndrome tend to have a cleft lip, or omphalitis which is an infection in the umbilical stump. Patau syndrome is the least common and worst Autosomal Trisomies, regular span of life is 3 days or less. Patau syndrome was first discovered in 1960. Patau syndrome is caused by an extra copy of chromosome 13. Every mother diagnosed with a baby affected by Patau syndrome is offered help with a doctor who is skilled in that disease. The trained Doctor gives the mother information about the screening, and diagnostic testing options. But a geneticist is the best way for the mother to go back on family history. Symptoms include a small head, extra fingers or toes, seizures, small lower jaw, etc. Complications almost always begin immediately after…show more content…
Many babies do not survive in the first few days or weeks after birth due to heart problems or brain problems. Some babies are able to do surgery to repair cleft palate, cleft lip or heart defects. Surgery is typically held back for the first few months after birth because the chance of the baby dying from the disease is so high. Physical and speech therapy can help Patau syndrome patients attain their complete brain development. Like i said, 90% of patau syndrome patients die within 3 days of being born, this is mainly because there whole body has so many defects and flaws from the syndrome that it is very hard to even survive childhood because of the defects. There is a woman named Elaine, she is the longest living patau syndrome patient ever. She was born and diagnosed with patau thought to have 3 days- 2 months to live, she is now 23 years old and is still surviving patau syndrome. The doctors who diagnosed it to her are mesmerized how she has survived this long. Most cases of trisomy 13 are not a result from random events during the crossing of the eggs and sperm in the parents. An error in cell division called nondisjunction results in an egg or sperm cell with an higher number of
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