Essay On Patient Care Experience

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PATIENT CARE EXPERIENCE AND PARTNERING IN CARE Name of Student Institution Affiliation Patient care experience and Partnering in care Health care is continuously evolving with improvements in cures and medical equipments. Nevertheless, this does not transform into better health care delivery. To ensure proper and satisfactory services in the health care industry, it is important to focus on patient care experience and partner in care along with the families. We discuss this approach and its benefits, especially for the elderly like Mr. Taylor and how it helps them overcome the barriers they face for healthcare delivery. Patient care experience Patient care experience literally means caring for the patient and the patient’s experience…show more content…
There was an experience where a nurse was assigned to him and she gave him hundred percent attention and took complete care of him. She kept him relaxed, communicated on a personal level and listened to him. Consequently, as we discussed earlier, this has improved Mr.Taylor’s experience. Key facilitators for Mr. Taylor’s health care experience Mr.Taylor is generally satisfied with the health care provided by the dp clinic chosen by him. The surgeon he visited was brutally honest with him which helped Mr.Taylor understand the seriousness of the injury. The physiotherapist who was supposed to be the best, was very good and thaught him to use his other arm to support his injured arm. Taylor is very satisfied with the experience as he says he has no complaints about them. We also learn that Mr. Taylor trusts his clinic and they help improve his health care experience. A nurse who was assigned to him took one hundred percent care of him. She gave full attention to him and kept his mind away from the pain and got to know him personally. Thus this indepth communications and care is a great facilitator. Key barriers for Mr. Taylor’s health care
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