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Introduction Patient-centered care and cultural competence stem from different platforms, however used together ensures that patients receive the best medical care possible. Beach, Saha and Cooper (2006) noted, “health care that is patient-centered is likely also to be culturally competent, and culturally competent care is likely to be patient-centered” (p.4). Patient-centered care was implemented in US in the 1960s with the goal of changing the way physicians and nurses deal with patients on an individual basis. Comparison between Patient-Centered Care and Cultural Competence Patient-centered care involves “understanding the patient as a unique person, exploring the patient’s experience of illness, finding common ground regarding treatment through…show more content…
Patient-centered care ensures that patients receive services that do not violate their beliefs. These services are achieved by treating and respecting the patient as an individual and considering their individual values. Generalization in healthcare will completely disregard the structure of cultural competence (Bobo, Womeodu, & Knox, 2009). Patient-Centered Care Drawbacks The main obstacle to patient centered care is staffing. Long hours and shortage of personnel can lead to routines of practice, which can hinder the development of patient centered care in hospitals. Even when patient centered care is valued, the demands of caring for many patients at a time can restrict the professionals’ ability to provide physical and emotional support, and respect for their patients’ preferences (Kelly, 2007). Recommendations Patients ought to understand that nurses do everything to ensure their safety. They should not demand what is unachievable from nurses. To achieve this, the government must engage the public on their rights once they visit a health facility. This would increase efficiency in health care

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