Essay On Confidentiality In Nursing

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Maintaining privacy and confidentiality in a clinical workplace is not only vital to patients care, but also their worth and dignity. It should also be practiced properly in order to avoid errors and liabilities for a nurse. Nurses are expected to maintain utmost professionalism when caring for their patients and should ensure that patient privacy is not breached from any unauthorized individuals or parties. The introduction of technology can also lead to the use of social media, which has made it more dangerous and common for a patient's health care information to be leaked. It has become part of the numerous responsibilities for a nurse to advocate for their patient and ensure that consent is obtained from them before there are any such uploads to social media. Nurses can use the values such as “Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality” as a guide in how to keep a professional relationship with their present or future clients.
As part of the ethical responsibility of ensuring patient confidentiality, it is important for the nurse to be aware of who are authorized to have access to their health records. Prior to nurses being able to go work in a public health space, they are taught the policies that must
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The relationship between a nurse and a patient during care should be professional and not a personal one. Care should be completely patient oriented and a nurse is liable to face numerous consequences from inappropriately exposing vital information. It is a nurse’s duty that this information be kept in complete confidence with qualified persons, whether it be electronically or verbally. Confidentiality is also crucial in establishing a relationship which should be built on mutual trust. Having this trust will help the patient feel more comfortable and feel more inclined to seek help as well as grant the nurse enough insight of their needs and give them optimum
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