Essay On Patient Empowerment

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Patient empowerment in the global pictures is seen as a part of the human side of care. It is time consuming and sits uncomfortably with strong pressures towards greater efficiency. The outcome is satisfying, with mutual trust and confidence are established. Being a Malaysian I am proud to say that Malaysia Ministry of Health, had strongly support patient empowerment and community to be responsible for their health. It is believed that, regulations and enforcement activities are the tools to facilitate and enhanced individuals and the communities towards self empowerment. The Malaysian communities are encouraged to participate together with the support from NGOs and it is seen as an important element in health empowerment. Empowerment is considered as a health enhancing process.
WHO defines empowerment as a process of patient taking control over decisions and actions affecting their own health management. There are four components of fundamental on the process of patient empowerment. This is, patient need to have the understanding on their roles, gaining sufficient knowledge,
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2003). Patient empowerment is now been used as a keyword in health care industries as it emphasis on active decision making by the patients. As a nurse, I am convinced that healthcare providers should invest in the concept of patient empowerment in order to master the challenges facing modern health system and patients. According to Elwyn et al. (2013), patient’s empowerment in decision making had gained consensus among health professionals. Definitions on empowerment, with most relating in some way to patients conceived as self determining to have control on their own health and healthcare. Hook (2006) stated that, the definitions of patients’ empowerment include conceptualisation of personal control and
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