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2.4.6-Patient Loyalty:
It is Loyalty, that assists an organization not to fall apart in an intense competitive market where of many uncertain problems have to faced. (Amin et al., 2012). According to Mortazavi et al. (2009), patient loyalty can be defined as the assurance given by patients that the services will be unfailingly used in the future. Loyal patients will use the particular services again and also recommend them to others. Therefore, loyal customers assist any business to survive tough market and competitive environments.
Researchers like Santouridis and Trivellas (2010) strongly trust that loyalty is a function of service quality and customer satisfaction. Likewise, scholars like Ooi et al. (2011) believe that implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices can lead to the increase in both service quality and customer satisfaction
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(1996) used willingness to pay more as a behavioural proxy for value. Willingness to pay more is the customer’s intention to pay more for a service than the competitors charge, in order to receive the benefits that the customer currently receives from the service provider. According to Bigné et al., 2008, a loyal customer will be ready to pay higher prices based on value provided by that provider’s products and services.
Numerous researches were done on the effect of service quality and satisfaction on loyalty. Findings indicate that service quality and satisfaction has a direct relationship with WOM and WPM (Ladhari, 2009; Hanzaee and Shojaei, 2011)
Naidu (2009) described three aspects for the satisfaction of the patients. It included positive word-of-mouth, compliance as well as utilization. It is assumed that patient who are satisfied show their loyalty through two ways which includes willingness to return to the hospital and recommending it to others. (Badri et al.,2009). Lei and Jolibert (2012) consider patients’ loyalty merely as recommending hospital to someone who seeks the
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