Essay On Patriarchy In America

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A patriarchal system refers to “A form of social organization in which males dominate females” (Macionis). America is still considered a patriarchal society even though feminists are rising up more and more. Some researchers claim that biological factors like the difference of hormones and how the brain is structured differently is a major part as to why America cannot seem to break the chain of patriarchy. Through this chapter examples of how gender is perceived/rooted links to the way our society is set up. Men still dominate work fields such as engineering, computer science, and physical science. Although women have went from 20 to 60 percent work force population, jobs are relatively gender base. Women still have mostly “pink-collar jobs” with male overhead. While America has come a long way from the past, things like gender inequality, job stratification, and unequal pay make America a patriarchal society.

Some advancements show signs of America turning into an egalitarian society i.e.) women making up the majority of college students
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In the Bible, women are seen as unequal. While yes they had jobs, men were suppose to be the providers and protectors of the family while women bore the children and took care of the house. If needed women would work in the fields but most of the time that was because their men where else-where. This ideology is one of the main reasons I think that we are still a patriarchal society. Even up until the late 20th and 21th women were seen as being caregivers and homemakers. While women stepped up in things like WWII to take men's jobs, we are seen as the lesser sex. I feel that it is in our best interest to be an egalitarian society. I think it would eliminate many debates and even out the tensions between men and women. If the college and work experience and job is the same for men and women, the pay should be
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