Essay On Patriotism In Ww2

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“We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air.” This is a WW2 quote talking about the patriotism that was happening during WW2. When many people think about WW2, they think about all the horrific things that happened. Many people forget the good that people did, and what happened after the war ended. Many people that fought in WW2 share memories and stories of the good that they did for their country, all the opportunities that they got from the war, and the people that they encountered.

Leonard Dehn is talking about how he helped people during Iwo Jima, “Well, Iwo Jima was an awful tough one, of course. We dropped our frogmen in there, and got them picked up, and got them back on the ship, and then we helped some of the other troop transports – helped them unload after the firing and that calmed down the second and third days, because they lost so many boats. A lot of those other troops carried the big ones –
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We were, after all this other stuff was over, we had a Captain Bard that was put aboard our ship, and he had a fast little skiff that was the captain’s gig, that really had some power to it, and I could drive that. Whenever we took him anywhere, he checked every port in Japan, so I got to see about every big city that was on a port.” The quote shows that just because you may be fighting against a certain thing that a country does, doesn’t mean you have to hate the country and hate the people there. Another example of someone falling in love with the country they fought in or the people there is when a WW2 veteran fell in love with a girl in Britain when he was stationed there. Over time they went separate ways. Over 70 years later he flew to Australia to find her after their son’s set up a Facetime call. It shows how war can bring 2 people together because of the place that they are
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