Essay On Peace And Peace

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Peace is a stress-free state of security and calmness that comes when there is no fighting or war, everything coexisting in perfect harmony and freedom. Moreover, Islamic perspective defined peace from the root of the word Islam, silm, which refers to “making peace, being in mutually peaceful environment and keeping away from troubles and disasters”. Islam also emphasizes about making peace among people regardless of their positions. Everybody has their own perspective related to peace. As for me, peace is where we can enjoy tranquillity within ourselves. We can enjoy and live our lives without any disturbance. For example, we live in a country where there is no war and women are given their right and were treated equally. Are you aware that our lives become miserable when we do not have peace in our heart and mind? We need to bear in mind that peace is really important as if we do not have peace in our heart and mind, it will affect our daily life. First and foremost, we need to realise that the world now becoming more challenging as we need to deal with many difficulties in our life. For instance, there are a few countries which became a victim of war and they lost their freedom of speech and their human rights. Besides that, they were threatening badly and were given no space to defend themselves or even their own country. We can take the case of the war crisis which is happening between Israel and Palestine. Hence, we should be
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