Essay On Peaceful Resistance

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Peaceful resistance and the freedom to protest has always been the basis of America’s fundamentals of democracy. The American people hold the right to criticize their government and make known when they do not approve of their policies. Because of this, I believe that peaceful resistance has been a successful way to move the American people closer to a free society In fact, our country has been founded on the basis of peaceful resistance through the boycotting of the Stamp Act to the various political cartoons that sparked the American revolution. Peaceful resistance has always been a tool for awareness to social and political issues. In fact, one of our founding fathers made it an effort to put in our Declaration of Independence that we, the people, have “the right to alter or abolish any government and institute a new one that would better secure their safety and happiness.” With these ideological mindsets, they sought to create the American democracy. The same democracy that contains the Bill of Rights, a document protecting the freedom to criticize and resist laws that we see unjust. The rebellious spirit that have been the fuel behind the many suffrage movements all throughout history. From women’s suffrage in the early 1900s to the Vietnam protest that…show more content…
From marches dedicated to Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to the annual pride parade, peaceful resistance have also played a part in uniting those who share the same struggle and illustrating the great impact of these struggles. I personally have been fortunate to attend such protest, including the recent Women’s March. By participating in this march, I became aware of not only the issues of reproductive rights but of objectification and domestic abuse, many issues that women today
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