Essay On Peanut Allergy

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I. Introduction
This proposal is designed for teachers, school administration and other staff members to be mindful of the children with peanut allergy. When surrounded by children, it is better for the school staff to use the resources and tools that are around to educate them about peanut allergy. That way the staff members are aware of what food causes the peanut allergy. Teachers are responsible for student’s protection with food allergies in the classroom. This proposal will help the staff members to understand better on how to take care of the children with peanut allergies and what are the causes.

II. Background and Significance
Peanut allergy is the most common food allergies in the United States. Many people believe that peanuts are the same as tree nuts such as cashews, walnuts, almonds and in fact, they are not. Tree nuts grow on trees and peanuts grow underground. They are known from the family of legumes which is completely
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The guideline includes information such as practical information, planning steps, and strategies for reducing allergic reactions and responding to life-threating reaction for parents and school staff. Children cannot catch allergies from one another so it is not contagious. It is still unclear why some children develop peanut allergies and some don’t. However, a child can develop a peanut allergy if it is in the family history. Children are most likely to develop peanut allergies from their parents. Children who are allergic to other food there are chances that he/she will be allergic to peanuts. When it comes to developing peanut allergies age plays a vital role. Since immune system of a child is not fully developing yet they tend to get peanut allergies. Some of the symptoms include hives, swollen airways, and digestive
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