Pear Shaped Body Research Paper

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Pear shaped body workout Pear shaped women can also be referred to as spoon shaped or A-framed. They tend to have slimmer upper bodies and larger lower bodies. They are characterized by a flat stomach, trim waist, narrow shoulders and thin arms. Their hips, buttocks and thighs are however big. Pear-shaped bodies store fats on the thighs and hips. Their metabolic rate is lower and losing weight for them is hard. There are however workouts available to help a pear-shaped body lose weight. Exercises for pear shaped bodies should burn fat and calories. They should also involve toning muscles and strengthening the upper body. According to Jessi Kneeland, a coach and personal trainer, to get the best out of your workout, "getting specific about your goals can be really helpful and you can customize your plan." How to tell if you are pear shaped Traits of pear shaped bodies include: a) Hips that…show more content…
How To Work out the pear shaped body Workouts for pear shaped bodies are aimed at creating a stronger and more defined upper body so as to balance out shape. A good plan will combine cardio and strength exercises to help burn calories and develop lean muscles. Each exercise for the pear-shaped body should be done every three or four times a week. Do one set with little rest in between moves. The full circuit should be done for a total of 3 times while squeezing in 45 to 60 seconds of rest between rounds. This should be combined with 3 cardio sessions of 30 to 45 minutes per week. The best cardio exercises for a pear-shaped body involve the whole body. They include swimming and cross training. Exercises like cycling only focus on the legs and this could bulk up your legs. The right kind of cardio will give even results. 1. Curtsy Lunge This targets your glute medius (butt muscle that stabilizes hips and improves posture) and your inner
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