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Pedestrian detection is an important field of research in both commercial and government organizations. There has been increase in the number of traffic accidents over the years and millions of peoples are injured by an accident. The Pedestrians are among the major victims of these accidents. For this reason a night vision system is introduced to detect the pedestrian in order to reduce the probability of pedestrian-vehicle-related accident. When collisions occur the pedestrian will be in dangerous situation because they are much more likely to be hurt than the driver. So the safety of the pedestrian is more important concern of any traffic safety system.
In the presence of day light it is much easier job for a driver to drive safely, but the problem is even more critical at night or in bad weather conditions. It is very hard for a driver to detect a pedestrian crossing or walking through the road at night time until it’s too late. Especially for old driver having visual limitations it can be more difficult job to detect pedestrian at night time and may prone to life threatening collisions. A 50 years old driver needs twice as much light to see as a 30 year old at night time.
In order to decreases the number of accidents, earlier automobile producers enhanced their vehicles with giving better brakes and tires. It reduced the occurrences
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Various types of sensors, such as an ultrasonic sensor, a laser scanner, a microwave radar, heat and optical sensors and different kind of cameras, have been used to detect pedestrians. Algorithm used for segmentation consisting of shape based techniques, thresholding based on the brightness of the pedestrian, and a edge based techniques etc. Selecting a more efficient segmentation algorithm is important because it reduces the number of blocks that are passed to the next stage for detection, also reduce the

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