Essay On Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

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A pediatric clinical nurse specialist is a branch of medicine for children . A pediatric clinical nurse specialist (PCNS) is an advanced nurse that specializes with children (children from newborn to until they are eighteen). A pediatric clinical nurse has to go to a four year college or university. You need to have a at least your master’s degree and your BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). You also have to be a RN (registered nurse) to have this job. I would need to go to medical school to be able to become a RN. I would like to be this for many different reasons. To be able to complete this I would need to go to college or to an university. I would really like to go to the University of San Francisco. In this paper, I will argue why I have selected to pursue a career as a pediatric clinical nurse specialist based on my interest of helping children to be healthy.…show more content…
First, clinical nurse specialist started in the late 1800’s. Mostly only women would work as a clinical nurse specialist, only a few males would be a CNS. Clinical Nurse specialist started because people wanted a more advanced type of nurse to help more patients more in person and personally. In 1943, they were first called nurse clinician by Frances Reiter, who was the chairperson at a medical college. A clinical nurse specialist has to teach, research, consult, manage with their patients and their family. They must have a master's, postgraduate, or doctoral degree from a clinical nurse specialist program. Some characteristics of a clinical nurse specialist are multifaceted, patient-facing, managerial. They work in a physical and mental way with their
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