Essay On Pediatric Surgery

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The surgical field has many branches to it, and one of them is pediatrics. Pediatrics is one of the most difficult in the surgical field. Pediatric surgery is the hardest type in the medical field because of the complexities of operating on babies and young children; all surgical procedures must be mastered, each surgeon has to be able to deal with their emotions and all of the parents emotional needs.
In the medical field almost all of the fields except for one work with fully grown patients but in the pediatric wing, they have to work with smaller patients. Babies and young children are much more difficult for surgeons to work with because the surgeon may not be able to see or fix the issue the patient was diagnosed. If the surgeon is not
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Every single medical specialty has an emotional toll, but pediatric surgery is the hardest. It is the hardest because they lose children, and in other fields, they do lose people, but it 's harder for people to go through it when it is a kid. When a pediatric surgeon loses a child in surgery, they must go and tell the parents no one else. The surgeon must be able to keep their emotions in because they are not supposed to cry in front of them. Each surgeon has to also help with whatever the parents ask for after the surgeon tells the parents. The emotional part in the job of being a pediatric surgeon is the hardest part. No person can say that it is not hard to keep their emotions in after they lose a patient and then go and tell the parents. Every pediatric case that a surgeon loses a patient gets harder and harder. People usually think that it would get more comfortable and more natural, but it does not because in each case the surgeon becomes close to the children and when they have a connection it is much harder to let go. In some cases when the surgeon tells the parents what their child’s condition is the parents get mad and angry. When the parents get mad and upset the surgeon is not allowed to say anything to them they must sit and listen to what they
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