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A career in pediatrics If you love children and medicine is your calling, becoming a pediatrician is an excellent way to make a difference. “Pediatricians are physicians who provide health care to infants, children, and adolescent”(Ferguson). Usually a pediatrician meets your patient soon after birth and takes care of the patient through his or her teenage years. A portion of a pediatrician’s job is preventive medicine, also known as well care, which means that they have to see their patients periodically for routine health checkups. An amount of the pediatricians aims are to reduce infants and child rate of deaths, promote healthy lifestyles and help ease the problems of children and adolescent chronic conditions. These physicians must to be able to communicate well with children and their parents, providing them detailed explanations of treatment, course options and assuage fears. Furthermore pediatricians can specialize in a different area, such as Neonatology. “Even that pediatricians can solve most health problems of newborns, a neonantologist is trained specifically to handle the most complex and high risk situations”(“How Do I Become A …show more content…

Normally the minimum requirement to be accepted into a medical school is at least 3 years of study in a college or university. After your bachelor’s degree you’ll have to apply to a medical school, earning an M.D. (doctor of medicine), generally it takes 4 years until you finish it, and following that it’s necessary to complete a residency program in pediatrics, normally for 3 years. A pediatrician who want to specialize in a sub-field of pediatrics, such as Neonatology will pursue a fellowship program. The subspecialty, training lasts three years, normally. To perform as a neonatologist you must obtain your license and get board certified, even that you already did it for

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