People Kill People In Prisons

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The United States leads the world with 2,145,100 people in prison. "While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses around 22 percent of the world's prisoners" (Wikipedia). Although America has a large population from all over the world, some people are immigrants, illegals, and double citizens (being a citizen of more than one country). Some have been in jail for so long. They are either have done something wrong, the similarity of names, such as: having same first name or there is so much matching, so they end up arrest the wrong person. Some blame the wars that are going on currently and the previous ones and violence, and others blame biological genes and social media and others. There are also a lot of unbelievable laws that throw people in jail for sort of a long time. People in prisons because of disobeying the laws by either polices or people themselves, reducing the crimes by offering psychologists to criminals and how does the prison…show more content…
So, some people are violent through heredity. Also, watching violent movies, TV shows, or even angry neighbors play a significant role increasing the violent behavior of the people. For example, a kid watch a cartoon or a movie that contains violence. He would start thinking as in order to get whatever he wants, he should be violence for it, furthermore he might end up in jail and still thinking violence is okay. However, many actions and habits are explained by either biologically or learned from the environment. According to the article titled "Can Domestic Violence Be Hereditary?". " studies and science can agree on one thing, this behavior is not positive, and many young impressionable kids exposed to it just repeat behavior they witness - studies have been clear on both ends" which means parents should be aware of their behaviors in front of their kids, because it might lead them to jail by
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