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Figure Flattery 101: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Congratulations, you’re getting married! Probably the most exciting (and most stressful) part of your wedding planning is choosing the perfect wedding gown. There are tons of different designs, colors, styles, and cuts out there but not all will fit you no matter how pretty you think they are. One important key before heading to the bridal shop and buying your gown is to know your own body type. This way, you can narrow down to the specific cut and style perfect for your body. Listed below are the general, most common body types for you to distinguish yours from. Different body types: • The Hourglass Figure – girls with this body type tend to have a well-curved waist and a…show more content…
Petite women should go for gowns made of light fabrics and little to no layers. Do away with mermaid gowns, empire gowns, and drop-waists as they will your legs look even tinier. Go for the ones that elongate your body frame. Focus on the dresses’ vertical panels. One classic rule for petite girls when choosing wedding gowns is: Keep it simple. Minimize details to match your small frame. 6. Plus-Sized For women with plus-sized figure, your wedding gowns should celebrate and highlight your curves. Not all women are as blessed as you are, so flaunt those curves! Choose a dress that has a high neckline so you can look a bit taller. If you want to highlight your waistline, find a dress with a waistband or a corset. Embellishments are also great for women with plus-sized frames. 7. Top Heavy If you 're a woman who is top-heavy, you can go for dresses with straight or square neckline. You can also try gowns with thicker waist straps to balance it out with your boobs. Dresses with some sheer details would not only look great but also give support on your chest area. Avoid fabrics that have too much shine or sheen such as satin because they will highlight and call more attention to your

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