How To Be Perfect Essay

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“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” This quote teaches us that perfection is impossible but there`s a benefit in chasing perfection and that is excellence! Excellence because as we chase after perfection but can`t attain that, we are still close to perfection and that is excellence, and excellence is next to perfection. I can relate this quote to me because, as a student, I aimed to get perfect score in exams but I can’t, as a result for just aiming perfect score means to study more than regular, as a result even I can`t get perfect score I still got a high score and that’s excellence. As a person I have my own philosophies in life and one of those philosophies is this, why? Because If I Believe…show more content…
Love is the only rational act because love cannot be wrong, love can change anyone, can move mountains as they say, can save lives, can save soul, love is a mysterious thing that even GOD has. GOD is the source of LOVE so it is just right to say its rational. Love can make two different people become one. Love can`t be define just by words. For me this quote is very important, because as a human being, I also received Love from GOD, my parents, my friends my family and even from fellow humans or people around me. I strongly agree that only love is the only rational act because the things we do out of love is for the benefit of the one we love it is for the sake of our love ones, nothing more nothing less. “Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status. Such friendships will never give you any happiness.” This quote defines that if we make friends with above us or below us in status will never give us any happiness, because if we have that kind of friend/s it is hard for us or to them to understand you because they`re not alike you, therefore they can`t comfort you nor make you happy because of that difference. But if you make friends who resembles you or just like you, you or they can easily comfort, advice, and make you happy because you experienced being just like
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