Essay On Perfection In Baseball

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I have experienced many cultures as the son of a United States Marine. Despite constant placement into new cultures, there was one constant: baseball. No matter the country or age group baseball has always been familiar. Sure there were minor differences with each team I played on, but major traditions and values remained the same. The most important aspect of every baseball team was the value of striving for perfection. This focus makes it distinctive from most other culture groups. Demanding perfection seems ridiculous to other culture groups I have experienced, particularly other sports teams. Baseball is a team sport to be sure, but individual performances are more poignant in baseball than any other. When the running
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If a single is lined to center right field, there is a specific way to deal with the ball, even if it does not result in the out of the player who hit the ball. Basically, perfection is to be in control of any controllable situation. The importance placed on perfection is reflected in baseball statistics; players are critically evaluated by at least 72 recorded statistics. Of course there will be mistakes, for example the pitcher made a mistake resulting in the line drive to center right field, but even this mistake creates opportunity for another individual to strive towards perfection in the same play. The strive for perfection even extends beyond the way players play and into all aspects of baseball culture, from proper etiquette to…show more content…
Each player striving to be perfect creates the best type baseball team and that is why this aspect persists. Each player striving for perfection allows the baseball team to succeed. Any player who does not have this attitude will cause instability in the team, and has not yet been properly socialized. All the individual members working in their perfection will in turn result in a perfect baseball team, with every member complementing each
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