Essay On Performance Art

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The concept of performance art is discipline within the artistic world or practice that involves an individual or people undertaking an action or actions within a given time frame in a particular space or place before an audience. The key aspect of this kind of art and the execution process is the live presence of the artists and real actions of their bodies to create and display a transient experience to the subject. A known trait of performance art is the aspect of the body being considered a soled medium and conceptual material under which the art is anchored. Other issues considered are time; space and the connection between the actor and the audience.
Hugely interdisciplinary, performance art virtual all the materials across the various platforms to present their case. Some of the most widely used include Music; dance; literature; poetry; architecture; fashion; design and film. Even though some of these strategies may require improvisation and recitation, most artists draw inspiration from all kinds of action which may include popular entertainment designs such as various forms of shows, circus, cabaret, and opera. Initially, live public engagements were necessary
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Mathew explores the theoretical, political and moral effects of the possible friction that may occur between documentation and disappearance of live performance, as a result, there is avoid between fragmentations and representations which act as the scene for human cultural knowledge and undergoing imaginative performance (Reason 2006, Pg. 30). Laying emphasis on contemporary issues around performance art with a focus on the transformative effect of photography, video, and writing as a key to documentation and preservation of this art
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