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The use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) has been known as a problem in athletics since around the 1960s. The use of these drugs or “doping” is illegal in sports and the athlete can be severely punished if found using them. There is many huge health risks when using these drugs, just like there are in any other types of drugs. Cheating is also a big factor in using these drugs because it will give an unfair advantage to the person using the drugs. Performance enhancing drugs are very bad for people and can do more bad than good in their lives. Performance-Enhancing drugs can have many health risks if they are taken and they can ruin someone’s health. Negative health effects are a big part of using PEDs people may think that it is making them better but in reality it is hurting their bodies in many ways and they don’t even know it. There would be a large possibility of the athletes having long-term health effects. They hurt them more in the long run just for them to be able to improve short-term events. The athletes are hurting themselves more just to get better for one race…show more content…
If these drugs are used they can cause many problems for the athletes and the other people around them while using them. The person’s health could be affected greatly and can shorten the lifespan of someone by a lot. With so many people looking up to professional athletes, there is also so many people that will be influenced by them to use PEDs because they want to be like that person. Cheating is also a big factor in using these drugs, they give the athlete an unfair advantage against the other people. There will still always be competition in sports and PEDs do increase that to make others work harder but it is still very wrong to do and is against the rules. Why would athletes want to give up everything by using these drugs just for a small improvement of their

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