Essay On Periodontal Therapy

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CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN PERIODONTAL PLASTIC SURGERY ABSTRACT The goal of periodontal therapy is to establish and maintain the dentition and periodontium in health, comfort and function with optimal esthetics throughout the lifetime of the patient. This represents a modification in the thought processes of many dentists because the “dentition” now includes both natural teeth and dental implants. Although treatment parameters still include the basics of health, comfort and function, “esthetics” has recently become an integral portion of the overall goal. Most patients will not accept periodontal treatment without the perception of an acceptable esthetic outcome. The presence of mucogingival problems and gingival recession around anterior, highly visible teeth exemplifies a situation in which a treatment modality that addresses both biological and aesthetic demands is required from the therapist. A variety of soft tissue augmentation procedures directed at root coverage have been documented in the literature utilizing autogenous or allogenic soft tissue grafting or guided tissue regeneration (GTR). The purpose of this review was to assess the effectiveness of newer materials in gingival augmentation procedures. INTRODUCTION In the recent years, with changing concepts and…show more content…
The scaffold is a bioabsorbable polyglactin mesh (Vicryl, Ethicon), which degrades by hydrolysis and is lost after transplantation, leaving the cellular and extracellular matrix components. The human fibroblast cell strains used to produce this material come from newborn foreskins and are cultured by standard methods. The fibroblasts secrete a mixture of growth factors and matrix proteins to create a living dermal structure that, following cryopreservation, remains metabolically active after being implanted on the graft
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